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Herbalist Medium


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You have been divinely guided to spiritual herbalism.  Spiritual herbalism takes the best of the spirituality of herbs and the science of herbs to then offer you refined and unique teachings by Shelowann. All guided by Spirit.  Shelowann does this as she teaches Western herbalism to also include spirituality, mediumship, spirit guides, plant spirit guides, meditations, the angels, Reikis and other energy modalities, the elementals and more. 


Mediums have the ability to prove the continuity of life by connecting individuals with their loved ones that are in Heaven.  Herbalist mediumship proves the continuity of life by bridging the gap between the nature realms and the physical world.


PDHMS offers workshops, classes, mediumship and spiritual development classes, plant walks, field trips and more.

Upcoming Workshops, Classes & Events

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Materia Medica - Series I

Angel & Herb Spirit Guides Workshop Series

Joyful Holidays - Herbal Medicine Making Workshop


All classes and workshops offer a certificate of successful completion at the end of the class(es)/or workshop.  Interested in gift certificates?  Contact Shelowann here.

Client Services

Shelowann also offers spiritual consultation services.  Find out more and set up an appointment by clicking here  or click the links below.  Spaces fill up fast as Shelowann is also teaching.   There is sure to be a service that offers you what you need at this time in your life. 


Spiritual Herbal Consultations - NEW AND IMPROVED!  

Kundalini Reiki

Cleansing & Clearing Homes, Businesses & Other Dwellings

Angels & Herbs Readings - Coming soon!


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The Philosophy of PDHMS

Be yourself.

Do your  self-healing work.

Integrity matters.

Have patience.

Love above everything else.


Here at PDHMS it is our responsibility to help those that desire to help themselves.  We offer students, clients and others, the tools to optimally help themselves to live a brighter, joyful and abundant life.  We are here to take you on a spiritual journey with the assistance and guidance of Spirit, herbs and more. 


Welcome to spiritual herbalism.


Little Flower's Blossoms of Joy

Little Flower is my Joy Guide in spirit.  She has been with me since I was born.  Everybody has a Joy Guide.  Joy Guides keep us light -hearted, remind us to allow our inner child to come out, not to take life so seriously and to laugh, have fun and be joyful!  One of Little Flower's favorite flowers is the Gerbera daisy.  She always says, "It's about the petals." 


See the pictures below for sweet, playful and joyful reminders to uplift and allow a lightness of energy to fill your being gifted to you by Little Flower.  Say hello to your Joy Guide everyday, welcoming them into your world, and see how your life changes for the better. 

The information contained throughout this website does not replace the advice of a licensed physician.  Shelowann Dawson is not a medical doctor and does not treat, diagnose, heal or cure clients, students or anyone else that reads the information on this website.  Shelowann believes healing is innate on a body, mind and spiritual level, hence it is in the hands of the client/student.  She makes no guarantees after clients/students receive any service available.  The more committed the client/student is and the more work the client/student gives to their healing journey, the more powerful the results.

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