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Angel & Herb Spirit Guides Workshop Series

3 Part Series *




Tuition:  $175.00



Tuition:  $95.00



Tuition:  $95.00

Location:  Millersville, Maryland


                                                                                         5% discount when the series is paid in full!* 


 Just as everyone has their team of Spirit Guides, the angels and herbs are stepping forward to do the same in a unique way.  In this workshop students will learn about specific angels and the herbs that are aligned with them.  You will learn how to incorporate and work with specific angels and herbs to assist you on all levels medicinally, in body, mind, spirit, environment and more.  This is a new paradigm in your learning and in adding to your spiritual arsenal of support, guidance and unconditional love from Spirit.  


Students receive a certificate of successful completion at the end of series 3.   


Bring a light lunch, beverage, notebook and pen to take notes.  Please no caffeine and excessive sugar.  


The angels and herbs are ready to work with you!


Please read the Tuition, Payments & Refund Policy here.   

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Kundalini Reiki Information Potluck

Date:  TBD


Location: MIllservsille, Maryland

Love Donation:  $10


This informational gathering is a potluck.

Please RSVP by , 2020

No entry without an RSVP, thank you. 


Are you interested in Reiki? Have you ever wondered what Reiki is and if it is right for you? Do you need to give yourself more down time and self care?  Do you need to journey deeper within your spiritual journey?  Do you believe in a Higher Power and that it is your Divine right to access this Divine energy? Are you simply curious and need to know more? Then this gathering is for you! Join Shelowann as she opens the floor to answer your questions about Reiki and being a Reiki client.


A short demo will be offered.  No refunds offered on this gathering.  Your love donation will automatically reserve your space. Shel will send out a headcount a week before the gathering so attendees know how much food to bring for the potluck.  Looking forward to seeing you !


Please read the Tuition, Payments & Refund Policy here

KR Info Gathering


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