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Shelowann is truly a blessing to this world as a Herbalist Medium. She works with her guides to give you what is essential for your mind, body and spirit. Not only has Shelowann helped me in the past with holistic ways to assist my body. She recently helped my daughter. Never having met my daughter, she described her situation exactly, giving me direction as a mom of what herbs are required for her physically and spiritually. If you are looking for the best Herbalist Medium, look no further! Shelowann is absolutely amazing. ~ S. C.


OMG!!!!!!!! You've just blown me away. I'm speechless. This is so unbelievably right on.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This is such a gift to receive before I go to bed tonight. I've always known you rock, but man, you're OUT OF CONTROL with this message!!!!  ~K. B. 


Wow! It's like you have a time machine…You're really good girl! 

~C. B. 


Hello beautiful one. This made me shiver. You were most certainly on point.
~ M. C.


UMM WOW!! So inadequate of a word to describe this reading! But WOW..Incredible! Your insight and intuitive nature is dead on...And for not knowing me, my life, issues and progress, I am astounded at the accuracy here! 
~ L. C.
OMG Shel! I cried from the beginning to the end. Can we say EXACTLY ON POINT! How do you do the readings? I told my co-worker she hasn't seen me in 18 years and this is incredible- she read it also and was totally wowed by how accurate it was for me. Girl, keep it up these are beyond awesome. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! :) Have a wonderful day, b/c I know I will after this reading. Thanks. ~ S. S.


 Wow, I had to tear up with this reading because yes I have had communication with my Angels in my dreams… The joy that you see is my happiness that I am truly loved by the almighty! Thank you.~M. H. 


Oh my God..that was a very intense and great reading :)  Thank you, Shel. That was an EXCELLENT reading and you gave so much detail. I really loved it :)   ~W. C.


OK...so give me an idea of the process you went though to do this reading ( without me present).   Where were you?  What was the set up??    So um.. where you smoking something too?  ...yes, yes, yes and yes.  I'm still in a little awe right now. ~P. C.

Workshops & Classes

Shelowann blends knowledge of herbs with intuition in a clear and understandable way.  The wisdom shared in her classes spark a lasting love and respect for herbs in a way that is refreshing & unique. ~ N. M.


I have attended Shelowann’s herbal classes and the very first class you learn so much not just about the herb allies but of your own self. Her guided meditations are amazing, they are easy to follow and it’s just a joyful and peaceful guided meditation . I enjoyed her workshops very much. She is an herbalist medium that many more need to know and have in their lives to know what it is like to really work with herb allies and Mother Earth. You won’t regret taking her classes as you will learn the  correct way of working with herbs and Spirit. She is the best herbalist medium, I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. ~ G. Y. 


Shelowann, I immensely enjoyed your Introductory to Herbs workshop!  You have a very refreshing and lively approach when it comes to workshops. The knowledge I received was very beneficial and useful. Everything was cohesive and I appreciated the flow of the workshop.  The environment was friendly, welcoming, and fun.  The closing meditation was very healing.  I can’t wait for the next workshop, thanks so much!



I attended Shelowann Dawson’s “The Spirit and Medicine of Herbs” workshop on April 11, 2015. I thoroughly enjoyed it! This was my first time going to one of her workshops.  Shelowann is genuine and authentic. Her energy and hands-on method is much appreciated. In the last decade, being health conscious and green has become more prominent in the western world. People are now looking into alternative medicine for healing and its become trendy. However, rarely do we ever focus on the actual spirit of the herbs themselves. She conveyed to me a different perspective on herbalism and how to better connect with plants. My favorite part of the workshop was when Shelowann guided me in a meditation to connect with a lavender plant. It was refreshing and heart opening. At the end, I walked out of her workshop with a wealth of new found knowledge,enthusiasm, a smile, and several new plants! Hehe. Thank you Shelowann! I’m looking forward to attending more of your workshops in the future!"


Wellness Services

Just recently had a detox session, I was able to have an amazing break thru/ awakening that truly was needed for my Spiritual Health/Well Being which soon led to a visit with a recommended Colon Hydrotherapist.  I am now on my way to OPTIMUM HEALTH. Thanks Shelowann!!!  ~ S. T.

I have known Shelowann for many years and seen her develop into the Healer that she has become today.  She has mastered a host of healing modalities that she uses to  work with her clients. When she introduced Kundalini Reiki to me, the fire in her eyes and voice was like no other time when explaining the healing potential of other modalities.  Her own practice and passion for Kundalini Reiki is what made me know this was the next major step in my healing process. Major meaning, I've collected many practices along the way that contribute to my healing.. but only in small incremental ways.


The Kundalini Reiki healing was a new experience for me.  Shelowann was patient and understanding in explaining what to expect, the process and made suggestions as follow up to the session.  It changed my energy to feel more balanced and calm, and literally felt as though blockages had been released.  Our journey is our own, at our own pace, and Reiki is an excellent component, that helps it all feel smoother and less fearful.  ~L.W.


After completing 3 sessions of Kundalini Reiki, I feel like a major shift has happened within my psyche and in the space around me. As vague as that sounds, it would be a disservice to go into details because everyone's experience will be different and I can't even really articulate what is happening really any more detailed than that.  


I was open to this healing and ready to receive, which is why things are shifting for me. The most amazing thing about this practice, as much as I love Shelowann; it was not about her and me.. practitioner and patient. She was able to remove herself, and was a pure conduit for healing energy. Her goal as well, was not to keep me coming back for more so she could heal me herself.. but she wants to prepare me and everyone else that she introduces to Kundalini Reiki, to connect to this healing energy and potential themselves.  ~ E.P.

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