Tuition, Payments & Refund Policy


Payment policies listed on this page are so that Shelowann and the student are of one accord in their communications, expectations, transparencies and integrity with the payments of tuition. 


Forms of Payment Accepted 




Recurring, 2 month or 3 month payment plans via PayPal, cash or check, on a case by case basis as requested by the student. 



If a reservation for a class/or workshop is made via a deposit, students have the option of returning to the PDHMS website to pay the remaining balance or bringing cash or check for the remaining balance to that class.  The remaining payment is to be made before the class/or workshop begins. 


Your deposit reserves your space.  There are no refunds on deposits.



Cash payment for classes/workshops is accepted in person before a class begins.  However, the student must contact Shelowann via to register before the class/or workshop begins, in a timely fashion, to allow for student space in the class/or workshop.  In addition, Shelowann needs to know how much supplies to buy/or herbal medicines to make and have ready for students to use in a workshop/or class.  



If a check bounces after a student makes payment, the student will be responsible for a $35 fee in addition to the insufficient funds fee charged by their bank.  Until the fee is paid by the student they will not be allowed to attend another class/or workshop.  If a student continues to bounce checks they will be asked not to make tuition payments via check and to use another payment option such as cash/or PayPal, with the eventual  potential to be told to leave class.


Payment Plans

Students that have a legitimate need to be on a payment plan have the option of being on a recurring 2 month or 3 month payment plan:


2 Month Payment Plan

In order for students to qualify for a 2 month payment plan the total tuition for class(es)/or workshop(s) must total at least $250.00


3 Month Payment Plan

In order for students to quality for a 3 month payment plan the total tuition for classes/workshops must total over $250.00.   


After the student chooses the appropriate payment plan, please contact Shelowann at shelowann@pdhms with a list of classes/workshops the student is interested in attending with the total tuition that will be due.  The student may make payments in cash, by check or via PayPal.  Once the first payment is made it is then the student's responsibility to make the next payment(s) by the same date.  If payments are not made timely the student will be told not to attend class. 


True Emergencies

If a student has made payment for a class/or workshop and a true emergency arises, it will be handled by the student and Shelowann on a case by case basis. If an emergency arises with Shelowann/or weather is not permitting, the class/or workshop will always be rescheduled at everyone's convenience. 



Will be discussed on a case by case basis.  


Forms of payment accepted:



Payments work in conjunction with the appointment scheduler.  Appointments will be scheduled and confirmed automatically after payment is received via 


Payment Plans

Clients that opt to be on a payment plan will be sent an invoice before their appointment.  


In order to harness respect and communication among client/Shelowann, if the client needs to cancel or reschedule their appointment for any service please give Shelowann 24 hours notice or they will be charged a flat $55. She reserves the right not to continue partnering with a client if they are a no show and no call.  To reschedule or cancel an appointment, please email Shelowann at or use the email provided in the appointment confirmation. 


Please, no ingestion of excessive sugar or caffeine at least 2 hours before your session(s). 


No refunds after service(s) have been rendered.  


For consultations, the client may record or take notes of their session if they would like. 


It is the client's responsibility to read, via Shelowann's website, about the service they are committing to receiving.   


It is the client's responsibility to print and bring any disclaimers/or other documents found on the service page ,to their appointment.  The document may be emailed as well.  


If an emergency arises for Shelowann she will reschedule the client's appointment at both of their convenience.  If a legitimate emergency arises for the client, it is the client's responsibility to contact Shelowann via phone at 410-864-2168 immediately.  


If a client is more than 10 minutes late for their appointment they will lose their appointment.  It is at the discretion of Shelowann to reschedule their appointment.  If a client is running more than 10 minutes late for their appointment, it is their responsibility to contact Shelowann immediately.  Frequent lateness will result in Shelowann asking the client not to continue using her services.  

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