Spiritual Herbal Consultations with Shelowann

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Appointment location options:


  • Parkville, Maryland (women only).
  • Millersville, Maryland - Coming soon!
  • Online


Client commitment and consult options:


Spirit & Herbs Package A


Initial Spiritual Herbal Consultation

3 follow-up consultations included. 


Paid in full, 10% discount, $475.


Spirit & Herbs Package B


Initial Spiritual Herbal Consultation

3 Follow-up consultations included:


Installment plan.  Invoice sent before appointment via PayPal for the 3 follow - ups.


Initial consultation/$200.

2  week follow-up/$50.

3  week follow-up/$125 .

4 week follow-up/$125.


Optionally, clients may commit to an initial consultation and follow-ups as they like.  The investment in the client's herbal formula/or any additional supplements is not included in consultations.  


Please visit the Tuition & Payments Policy page here.  

Spiritual Herbal Consultations Package A


Spiritual Herbal Consultations Package B - Initial Payment


Initial Spiritual Herbal Consultation - 1 1/2 hours


Follow-up Spiritual Herbal Consultation - 1 hour


Book an appointment with Shelowann's Appoinment Scheduler using SetMore

Herbalism FAQ


Clients receive: 

  • 1 on 1, personal, private and thorough spiritual herbal consultations guided by Shelowann.  
  • Herbal formula created by Shelowann specifically for the client, after the initial consultation.
  • Free herbal gift at the end of the  initial consultation (in person only).
  • A unique blending of spiritual and Western herbalism support.  
  • A very unique, exciting opportunity for clients to meet their body, mind and spiritual goals.


 Initial consultations will last 1 1/2 hrs.  Follow-ups last 1 hour and allow for checking in, tweaking a formula/or other recommendations.  


In-person and long distance appointments via Zoom are available.  If appointments take place online, please be sure to be alone, in a private space in front of a desktop computer, a laptop or tablet. 


Please remember, herbal formulas will be mailed to the client after their initial appointment.  Expect homework and spiritual recommendations.


Shelowann's Spiritual Herbal Consultations span beyond the traditional client, practitioner office appointment.   She does not focus solely on the client's illness, symptom or dis-ease.  Shelowann also focuses on the emotional challenge(s) attached to that illness, symptom or dis-ease.  This will further assist the client, the herbs and other recommendations in supporting the client in their work to be balanced.  


Shelowann gives spiritual messages during her consultations.  Her Joy Guide, Little Flower, opens the consult as she  works with the client's Spirit Guides and loves ones in spirit to give them the medicine they need.  Shelowann also works with the herb, flower and plant spirits.  She works with her  additional Spirit Guides such as her Protector Guide, Medical Doctor Teacher Guide;  Mother Earth and other nature spirits; the angels and more.  


Consultations with Shelowann are relaxed and organic.   They are about supporting the client's body, mind, spirit and environment.  The more the client is open the more the client will receive in their consults.  The more committed and unyielding the client is the more guidance their guides and Shelowann can offer them.  This is in addition to being committed to doing their work outside of the consults.  As a result, clients must remember that Spirit offers them what they need, not what they want, to be joyful, healthy and whole.  Shelowann is simply the guide to deliver the information.  


Doing work outside of the consults and herbal protocol compliance is most important.  The time clients spend with the herbs and with Shelowann does not compare to the time a client spends loving themselves.  Herbal formulas take time to do their work and work best when diet, exercise and other spiritual keys are implemented regularly.  


Shelowann and the herb allies, along with Spirit are here for clients.  


In order to harness respect and communication among client/practitioner, if the client needs to cancel their appointment for any service please give Shelowann 24 hours notice or they will be charged a flat $55.  She reserves the right not to continue partnering with a client if they are a no show and no call.


No food, caffeine, excess sugar or alcohol are to be ingested 1 1/2 - 2 hours before a session.  


Clients please print, sign and bring/or email the disclaimer form located below, thanks. Email to shelowann@pdhms.com. 


Gift certificates are available for that special someone. 

Spiritual Herbal & Wellness Intake Form.
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The information contained throughout this website does not replace the advice of a licensed physician.  Shelowann Dawson is not a medical doctor and does not treat, diagnose, heal or cure clients or anyone else that reads the information throughout this website.  Shelowann believes healing is innate on a body, mind and spiritual level, hence it is in the hands of the client.  She makes no guarantees after clients receive any service available on this website.  The more committed the client is and the more work the client gives to their healing journey, the more powerful the results.