Spiritual Herbal Consultations

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Spiritual Herbal Consultation

In person only in Parkville.  


Consults are in person only.


During consultations, Shelowann works with her Spirit Guides, in particular her Joy Guide, Protector Guide, Medical Doctor Teacher Guide, herb spirits, Mother Earth and other nature spirits, the angels, and more.  Her guides work with your guides and loved ones in spirit so that she can offer you the medicine that you need.  Her consultations span beyond the traditional client, practitioner office appointment.


Nature, plants and Spirit come to Shelowann with information for clients.  Clients also have particular plants that define them and they also represent who and where they are presently in life.  Consultations with Shelowann are all about supporting the client's body, mind and spirit.  This then is what Spirit offers clients what they need, not what they want to be healthy.  Shelowann is simply the guide to deliver the information. 


Shelowann receives information through her mind's eye, third eye or with her clairvoyance.  She is able to connect energetically with the client via her clairvoyance.  


Clients receive the best of two worlds, being spiritual herbalism and Western herbalism. 


Herbal formulas, additional spiritual and therapeutic recommendations or supplements are at the monetary investment of the client. 

The information contained throughout this website does not replace the advice of a licensed physician.  Shelowann Dawson is not a medical doctor and does not treat, diagnose, heal or cure clients, students or anyone else that reads the information on this website.  Shelowann believes healing is innate on a body, mind and spiritual level, hence it is in the hands of the client/student.  She makes no guarantees after clients/students receive any service available.  The more committed the client/student is and the more work the client/student gives to their healing journey, the more powerful the results.

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