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Kundalini Reiki Package


Kundalini Reiki Tune-up

KR Tune-ups are only for clients that have already received their 3 initial healing sessions.


Energetic Power Session

For those that are ready to journey deeper. The energies of Kundalini and Gold Reiki are used. Gold Reiki transmutes fear and darkness into joy and light.  The client must have received at least 3-5 healing sessions of Kundalini Reiki.


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What is Reiki?

Rei (ray) - Japanese for universal, spiritual consciousness, sacred, supernatural, knowledge, etc.


Ki (key) - Japanese for life force or energy


Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy or Energy from God


What are the seven major chakras?

There are thousands of chakras located in the ethereal body.  Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel or turning.  They are energy centers, force centers, subtle matter or light.  They are usually shown as flower-like, saucer shaped depressions, or wheel-like vortices that receive, assimilate and express our life force energy.  Since various areas of the physical body need development and maintenance, the chakras take in this vital energy and transforms it.  


There are seven major chakras within the immortal body or the light body.  These seven major chakras are located along the spine at some of the nervous system's major branchings.  They begin at the base of the spinal column and move upward toward the skull.  These chakras open toward the front of the body like a flower or blossom and are constantly moving, rotating, or attracting energy to radiate or receive. 


Root Chakra

Color red.  The root chakra is located in the perineum at the base of the spine below the genitals, above the anus inside the coccyx and at the first three vertebrae.  This chakra forms our foundation and is related to our survival instincts, family, tribe, our sense of grounding and connection to our bodies and the physical plane.  The root chakra brings health and security.

Sacral Chakra

Color orange.  The sacral chakra is located in the abdomen, lower back and over the spleen. It is in the solar plexus and genital region.  This chakra connects to emotions and sexuality.  It connects us to others through desire, sensation, movement and feeling.  This chakra brings us fluidity and grace, depth of feeling, sexual fulfillment and the ability to accept change.

Solar Plexus

Color yellow.  The solar plexus chakra is located in the part of the vertebral column that corresponds to the navel region and is known as the power chakra.  It rules our will, personal power, autonomy and metabolism.  If healthy it will bring us energy, spontaneity, non-dominating power and effectiveness.  

Heart Chakra


Color green/or pink.  The heart chakra is located in the area of the heart cavity in the center of the breast and is the middle chakra in the system of seven.  This chakra is a bridge between the other chakras.  It is related to love and the ability to love deeply, feel compassion and empathy, forgive ourselves and others and have a deep sense of peace and centeredness.  

Throat Chakra

Color blue.  The throat chakra is located in the throat region and is related to effective communication including speech and writing.  In the throat chakra we experience the world through vibration, such as the vibration of sound representing language.  It is the ability to speak our truth about ourselves and with others.  It is also living in truth. 

Third Eye

Color indigo.  The third eye chakra is located in the forehead between the eyebrows and is associated with the pineal gland.  It is related to seeing, both physically and intuitively.  It also opens our psychic abilities.  It allows us to see clearly, in effect, letting us see the big picture and everything around and about ourselves.  It is seeing what is truly there, not what we want to see.  


Crown Chakra

Color violet.  The crown chakra is located above the third eye in the center of the forehead or in the pineal gland, behind the pituitary gland.  This chakra is our connection to Mother Father God, the greater world beyond, alternate realities/dimensions, spiritual connections to our ancestors, guardian angels and loved ones in the light.  It is a timeless and spaceless place of all-knowing.  When developed this chakra brings us knowledge, wisdom, understanding and bliss.


Our chakras create our aura or electro-magnetic field and reveal the state of our mental/emotional health.


What is Kundalini?

 Kundalini is coiled energy that lies at the base of the spine.  It begins at our root chakra and flows to the crown chakra.  Kundalini Reiki is one of many forms of Reiki in which Universal Energy or God energy is channeled through a practitioner into the receiver's physical and energetic body and their many chakras including the seven major chakras, to allow spiritual, emotional/mental, and physical healing. 


When one fully receives Kundalini Reiki for healing the effects can be immediate, because the Kundalini energy is always available, it never runs out, never gives anyone receiving it more or less than they need and it may be used mostly whenever needed.  When this important energy channel is blocked, closed or restricted due to stress or trauma, our bodies may hold these traumas or stressors, which may begin to be felt as illnesses, symptoms, dis-eases, emotional instabilities and a feeling of being overwhelmed.  Stuck energy may manifest in the body from something as small as being grabbed by the wrist frequently by a parent as a child, being in a car accident, fear of spiders or something deeper such as abuse.


What are the benefits of Kundalini Reiki sessions?

  • Chakra balancing/strengthening
  • Decreases pain & stress & increases relaxation
  • Increases the body's healing abilities
  • Increases confidence, immunity and general health
  • Kundalini Reiki does not interfere with conventional medical treatments
  • Kundalini Reiki is a beneficial adjunct to conventional/holistic health methods 
  • Increases the effects of other holistic therapies
  • Supports preparation for surgery and a speedier recovery after surgery
  • Decreases high blood pressure
  • Kundalini Reiki's intelligence targets areas in the physical and energetic body with the greatest need(s)
  • Aids better sleep
  • Decreases addictions
  • Increases and allow feelings of consistent joy and bliss
  • Assists with spiritual growth
  • Releases/removes emotional blockages
  • May halt the aging process and increase vitality


What will happen during a session?

Kundalini Reiki is done in person.  During hands on sessions, the client lays on a table, fully clothed while the practitioner lays hands on either their shoulders, head, upper arms, knees or feet.  Sessions last about 1 1/2 hrs.  It should always be explained by the practitioner what will happen before, during and after a healing session.


It is important that the client know they will have to process their emotions during their first three sessions after they leave.  They may also feel a deep desire to be alone.  The beauty of Reiki is the healing does not only occur on the table.  The true work occurs after the sessions in the processing of what will arrive in the client. 


At first it may seem strange or the client may forget what is happening is due to their Kundalini Reiki sessions.  It is most beneficial to engage in some form of self expression to process what is being shown to the client such as painting, journaling, exercising, etc.  Journaling is wonderful at this time, especially to keep track of progress. 


Those receiving these energy attunements have reported feeling heat/or energy in various areas of their body, visions or have fallen into a deep relaxing sleep.  If you fall asleep this is good!  We are all different and everybody does not have the same experiences.  Not feeling anything does not mean the Kundalini energy is not flowing! 


Kundalini Reiki supports a positive, uplifting lifestyle, so it cannot be blamed on the practitioner, if they are a good practitioner, if the client feels absolutely no changes whatsoever after their sessions or if the positive feelings are not sustained.  For optimum healing it is recommended that new clients receive three Kunalini Reiki healing sessions within one week of the other, then tune-ups at their leisure. 

How do I choose the right practitioner?

In your decision to commit to Kundalini Reiki you will want as pure a practitioner as possible.  This means a practitioner that has integrity and is very much aware that the Kundalini energy is flowing through them, as the conduit, and that they are not the practitioner.  Shelowann is a conduit for the Universal God Energy to flow through her in order for the client to receive exactly what they need.  If a Reiki practitioner says they are the source of your healing, run in the other direction.  It is their ego leading them, not the God source. 

The information contained throughout this website does not replace the advice of a licensed physician.  Shelowann Dawson is not a medical doctor and does not treat, diagnose, heal or cure clients, students or anyone else that reads the information on this website.  Shelowann believes healing is innate on a body, mind and spiritual level, hence it is in the hands of the client/student.  She makes no guarantees after clients/students receive any service available.  The more committed the client/student is and the more work the client/student gives to their healing journey, the more powerful the results.

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