Cleansing & Clearing Homes, Businesses & Other Dwellings

Evaluation, which includes a cleansing & clearing:  $250 - $300


Additional investment for each room beyond the standard sized rooms in an average size home:  $20 - $40


Businesses and other dwellings may have a different investment price. 


Travel reimbursement must also be considered, depending on location.  The standard fee is $40 if total travel miles are less than 25.  Maximum miles 50.  Travel fee of $50.  


*Note:  The fee of evaluations are subject to change and is negotiable at Shelowann's discretion depending on the size of the dwelling.  The larger a space, the more rooms and the larger the rooms, the higher the fee, understandably.  Please contact Shelowann with questions, as it is difficult to give an expected fee without initially seeing the dwelling.  Please be flexible.  It is a great amount of work in cleansing and clearing dwellings, as Shelowann evaluates any land around the dwelling as well.  


An invoice will be sent for this service, unless prior arrangements are made with Shelowann, thanks. 


In order to harness respect and communication among client/Shelowann, if the client needs to cancel or reschedule their appointment for any service please give Shelowann 24 hours notice or they will be charged a flat $55. She reserves the right not to continue partnering with a client if they are a no show and no call.


Contact Shelowann here.

Cleansing and clearing homes, businesses and other dwellings is an excellent way to invigorate a space.  It is clearing out old energies in order to bring in new, more uplifting energies of abundance, emotional balance, focus, growth, motivation, creativity, will and more.  Often times, people are unaware that what may have happened in a space in the past may leave residual energies.  It happens all of the time in our daily living. 


For example, it is felt when you go into a bathroom stall or any other area many people have also been.  You may find yourself feeling a certain way such as needing to get out of that space right away, pleasant or neutral.  The initial feelings upon entering a space are a direct reflection of the energies currently in that space.   


Additionally, daily emotional upheavals that occur in a space that, once over, do not automatically clear themselves energetically.  These leftover energies have a direct affect on the ones that next inhabit that space. This can further lead to stagnation.  In clearing out old energies, this will in turn, physically uplift the inhabitants of the space. 


Imagine you are hosting a party.  Including yourself, every single person that enters the space will bring their energetic imprint with them.  They bring their emotional state, their hopes, wishes, expectations, likes or dislikes for you, the people at the party or themselves, baggage and all of the other things many people carry with them on a daily basis.  All of these things may be positive, negative or typically, a mixture of both.  It is great to have the positive energies left after the party is over, but just imagine all of the potential negative energies left in that space after the people leave that attended the party. 


It is not that they have discarded their entire energetic imprint by leaving it in the space.  It is similar to the trails and imprints left with many types of fireworks.  You may also imagine someone moving in slow motion and every movement leaves this trail or imprint, for example.  The issue then is twofold in that those energies are lingering, which will begin to affect the inhabitants that next will occupy the space and the tone and feeling of the space will never change. 


Also remember, there is no fear with this.  Spirits are around us all of the time, wherever we go.  Most of us just cannot see this intermingling of humans, spirits and residual of energies.  Spirits reside in dwellings and they come and go, depending on several factors.  It is the choice of the owner of the dwelling to allow particular spirits to stay or go away forever.  In most cases, it is more the residual emotional energies of the past and present inhabitants of a space that have the greatest potential impact on others and themselves.


Signs of the Benefit of a Cleansing & Clearing

  • After hosting groups of people in the dwelling.
  • If the space in general does not feel inviting.
  • Past or present negative/traumatic events that occurred in the dwelling.
  • Depression
  • Constant arguing or emotional battles.
  • A general feeling that a dwelling could benefit from a cleanse.
  • Before the arrival of a bundle of joy.
  • A beginning, ending or transition.
  • In general, to refresh the energies of a dwelling.
  • Selling a home/or dwelling or moving into a new home.


Seekers of a Cleansing & Clearing

  • Home and business owners.
  • Realtors
  • Event planners and hosts.
  • Hosts to uplift a space/event with positive vibrations to welcome attendees.
  • New or newly welcoming mommies, daddies and guardians.
  • Anyone interested in a cleansing and clearing.

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