Angels & Herbs Readings with Shelowann

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Angels & Herbs Phone Reading - 1 hour


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Angels & Herbs Reading Appointment location:


Readings are currently only available via phone.



At this time it is the client's responsibility if they would like to record their reading.  Shelowann asks that you let her know before the reading begins.  


Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your appointment begins.  


In order to harness respect and communication among client/herbalist medium, if the client needs to cancel their appointment for any service please give Shelowann 24 hours notice or they will be charged a flat $55.  She reserves the right not to continue partnering with a client if they are a no show and no call.


No food, caffeine, excess sugar or alcohol are to be ingested 1 1/2 - 2 hours before a reading session.  


Gift certificates are available for that special someone. 


Please visit the Tuition & Payments Policy page here.   

To learn more about Shelowann please visit the  Bio page here.  To learn more about her in a general sense of her spiritual and world compass please visit the Articles page here


Welcome to Angels & Herbs Readings with Shelowann!  Angels & Herbs Readings are a unique and exciting way for clients to reconnect not only with themselves, but with the angels and herbs.  The angels and herbs are ready to give client's what they need, not what they want during a reading to support them in body, mind and spirit.  Shelowann is simply a conduit to deliver the information in love and light.  


With the initial guidance of the angels and herbs, Shelowann is the creator of the Angel & Herb Spirit Guides workshop series.  With the continual guidance of the angels and herbs, she has been guided to offer clients readings.  


Shelowann is an Herbalist Medium.  Mediums prove that life continues after transitioning and that death is but a rebirth.  Shelowann, as an Herbalist Medium, proves that life continues by connecting others to the spiritual realms, Mother Earth, nature and herbs.   Information from Spirit, or medicine, as all of them like to call it, is delivered to her via her mind's eye or third eye.  Shelowann uses her clairvoyance to connect with the angels and herbs during readings.  She may also feel the emotions of the person receiving a reading.  


Shelowann delivers the medicine in a loving, compassionate and understanding way while still being truthful.  She does not deliver messages of when someone will transition, as that is highly irresponsible  and negative to do.  Shelowann' s readings leave the client feeling empowered to take charge of their life in a new and wondrous way.  The client will have a better understanding of themselves and those around them.  The client will view angels and herbs in a new and better way.  


Expect homework.  As it is in the Spiritual Herbal Consultations it is the same; that it is solely up to the client what path they choose to take after their reading.  It is not the responsibility of Shelowann or the angels and herbs. They are your guides.  


Your path is paved in gold and Light to take you where you need to be, and to be who you truly need to be.  A breath away to say, "I am here to stay.  I am here to pave my way for a brighter day!"  


What decision will you make?  

The information contained throughout this website does not replace the advice of a licensed physician.  Shelowann Dawson is not a medical doctor and does not treat, diagnose, heal or cure clients or anyone else that reads the information throughout this website.  Shelowann believes healing is innate on a body, mind and spiritual level, hence it is in the hands of the client.  She makes no guarantees after clients receive any service available on this website.  The more committed the client is and the more work the client gives to their healing journey, the more powerful the results.

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