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Masks of Silence

Tuesday, May 5, 2020


I am sure to stay current with events/news that does not include the main stream medias as they do not tell the truth. Main stream medias are scripted and created to keep the citizens of this great world in fear, panicked and against one another.


I listen to my Spirit Guides. They guide me to listen to reliable, non-fear based, factual independent news outlets. As I listen, I observe there are always things that all of us have in common. This is that we are all under attack. Our Constitution as it was originally meant to be, is under attack as all of our rights are blatantly being taken away. If you live upon Mother Earth, that includes you.


As I listen to people speak from around the globe, every one of us are saying the same things. The manipulations and lies are many from the powers that be The agenda that is being forced upon all of us in being shut away, the fake virus numbers, the fake information on the virus being presented as factual, the Masks of Silence that are being mandated that we must wear, the manipulated energies of desperation being forced upon many as they buy supplies to distract from what is truly happening in our own neighborhoods, to the continued pitting of races against one another to include black and white peoples in America, in particular.


These are some of the greatest deceitful, manipulative energies we are living in right now. These negative energies are where the powers that be, that are pulling our strings like puppets, want us to stay.

Now is the time to rise above it all to take care of yourself in body, mind and spirit, first of all. Now is the time to rise above all of it and stand together. It is not the time to be silenced as the mask is constantly being put in our then affect one's breathing...the breath of life...breathing in.....breathing out....breathing in all that is and all that is not...breathing in what the powers that be want us to breath live or to die by their agenda.


When the time comes, what are you going to choose? Who will you choose? What and whom are you choosing right now?


I will not be silenced. I will stand my ground. Do not allow yourself to be silenced. We are more POWERFUL together. We can only change this world TOGETHER. Do not allow the powers to be to make you think you have no power for without US, they would have no power. Do not give the powers that be your power.


Work through your fear with this virus as that fear can be debilitating. Fear will make you do things or not do things, you did not think you would or would not do. Do not forsake those you love, and those that love you, for the sake of this virus.


A virus given so much life, yet viruses do not live.


I tell my loved ones to take a step back and observe what is around them; what is in the local news and what is being presented to them. The powers that be always have to tell us what they will do before they do it. Remember that. The truth is all right there in plain sight.


We will not be silenced. 


Just as the voice of one angel is a love song for God, the voice of many angels is a symphony of love songs for God. So too, are our voices, TOGETHER. We stand as ONE.


Remember the one next to you that may seem to be different is the very one that is just like you.


I love you. Stay vigilant. Love to you and yours.

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