Humans are constantly seeking to know and be one with God. It is what gives us the power to continue to live our lives in the midst of challenges.  Wellness is being balanced in body, mind, spirit and environment.  It is every single living being's birthright to live in optimum health. 


Wellness is embracing ourselves and others in unconditional love and knowing that loving others unconditionally only returns more love back to us.  It is being keenly in tune with ourselves, others and the world around us.  It is knowing that we are all a huge part of the whole and of everything that occurs throughout the Universe. 


Wellness includes a lifestyle in feeding the body nourishing foods,  engaging in some form of movement/or exercise regularly, knowing the benefits of the gifts of being in nature and surrounding one's self with the things of nature as nature is one of the purest forms of energies to support wellness.  Wellness is the way in which we view ourselves, how we treat ourselves and how we view our place in the world, which may or may not uplift us in all that we do. 


Wellness is being optimistic, hopeful and faithful in our beliefs of positivity and elevation.  It is believing in our innate power to take care of ourselves.  It is looking deeply within ourselves in honesty and truth, to be a better human being.    Wellness is knowing that everything we need will be there for us in supporting us on our spiritual journey.  Wellness is love and light.

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