The physical world is tactile, easy to see, hear and know.   Spirituality goes beyond the physical world as many humans know it to also encompass the unseen realms or other dimensions where Spirit resides. Spirit is everywhere at all times.  Spirit includes Mother Father God, the Angelic Realms, ancestors and loved ones in the light, spirit guides, animal spirits, nature spirits and other light beings. Spirit is with us at all times. Spirituality is all encompassing, as it touches every single living thing, including humans and animals. It connects with humans and animals in body, mind, spirit and soul.


Spirituality is a way of life in that one understands that everything is energy. Energy is always changing, never staying the same and humans, animals and everything else are composed of energy. This could be likened to the push and pull and the inner struggles and surrendering humans frequently juggle in order to change to be in balance; that is the primordial definition of energy as it is always moving and changing.


God is the source of this energy.  Spirituality is an extension of this energy, whereby, Spirit is able to work with us here on Mother Earth, assisting in every way imaginable while we are on our life's journey. Spirituality is also intuitively knowing that Spirit lives in every single living thing not only on our Earth, but throughout the Universe.


Spirituality reaches beyond what is seen with the physical eyes to embrace what would normally be seen as supernatural, cosmic, otherworldly, strange, miraculous, unexplainable, etc., to being perfectly natural and in pure alignment with what is supposed to be.


Some identify with spirituality by calling themselves naturalists, spiritualists, metaphysicians, spiritual, healers, traditional healers, seers, mediums, psychics, channelers, light workers and more. Spirituality is the foundation many are naturally drawn to at some point while on their spiritual journey in order to attain a long lasting state of inner peace and to embody knowledge, wisdom and balance in body, mind, spirit and environment.  Spirituality acts as the conduit to nirvana. 


Spirituality is the beginning, the middle and the end.


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