Spirit Guides

How wonderful it is to know, every single living thing upon Mother Earth has an unlimited number of spirit guides to help them from birth, until they transition. Imagine what is necessary to create a theatrical play or a movie. There are the directors, actors and those that work behind the scenes.  God is the director, we are the actors and spirit guides do their work, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, typically unknowingly, behind the scenes to support us. Without this team, our spiritual journey would be for nothing with no meaning and so would theirs.



Ways Spirit Guides Assist Us

 Spirit guides assist us in every aspect of our spiritual journey:


Advice, guidance, protection and reaching goals.

Being more joyful/or putting a positive before a negative.

Staying on your spiritual path

Emotional challenges

Car issues

Births, death and transitioning of loved ones.

Sicknesses, illnesses and dis-eases

Pre & post surgeries

Nutrition, health & wellness

School & education

Romance & love

Moving & travel

Challenges with family, friends, love interests, animal companions, etc.

Being around the right people and in the right places at the right time.

Divine intervention

Miraculous events and more!


The general type of spirit guides include the angels, specific spirit guides such as the Gatekeeper, Protector, Teacher, Medical Doctor Teacher, Philosopher, Metaphysical, Joy and Master Teacher Guides; ancestors, ascended masters, animal guides and other light beings. Establishing a relationship with them allows them to assist us on a deeper level, and yet, they will assist us no matter what, as it is their job.


One of the best things I love about spirit guides is that they are not like humans. Besides angels, whom have never had an earthly incarnation, spirit guides understand us to the very core, because they have had most, if not all, of the same experiences we have had or will have, here on Earth. Being light beings, their ability to know our challenges, what choices we will make, outcomes and the specifics of our spiritual journey, where most of us do not, gives them a greater ability to guide and assist us.


Additionally, because they have already experienced what it is like here on Earth and ascended to such a high level spiritually, they do not have any of the fallible traits humans have. Fallible traits include those such as jealousy, hatred, anger, tactlessness, pettiness, grudge holding, rage, betrayal, distrust, egotism and any other negative human trait.


They are the direct, pure links to our God, that agreed to do God's work, to help us live better lives and fulfill our Soul Contract of what we agreed to come here to Earth to do.  God, spirit guides and human and animal kind form the parts of the whole, irrevocably linked forever to infinity and beyond.

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