Angels are the messengers of Mother Father God. Their existence is for many reasons from singing God’s glory, praising God, protecting humans and animals, protecting the less fortunate, protecting Mother Earth herself including every single landmark in the North, South, East and West, bringing peace on Earth, loving us unconditionally, assisting us in seeing the beauty and love in ourselves and more. They are extremely powerful. No job is too hard for the angels to accomplish. Angels have different jobs to do and as such, their energy will reflect that.


They have never had an Earthly incarnation and know nothing about what it is like to be human.  Additionally, they embody the qualities of our God, including grace, mercy, compassion, empathy, unconditional love, purity, goodness and kindness. This is all they know; their love for us and to be of great support during our spiritual journey is never ending.


Praying to the angels is just as appropriate and just as effective as praying to God. Every single living being upon being born, has a Guardian Angel that will be with them until they transition. It is a very special feeling, to know you have your very own Guardian Angel that is with you at all times. The Guardian Angel will protect us and make sure we do not transition before it is our time to do so.


At any given time, we also have hundreds upon hundreds of other angels guiding, protecting and assisting us in many ways. It could be something as simple as finding a parking space or something deeper such as healing a dis-ease.


There is a hierarchy within the angelic realms. Archangels have a special job that they perform here on our Earth.


The Four Holy Archangels


Archangel Michael – Non-judgment, optimal functioning of all things electrical and mechanical.


Archangel Gabriel – Brings joy to our lives, effective communication with one's self and with others, deliverer of good news and information.


Archangel Raphael – Divine healing, support and courage.


Archangel Uriel – Angelic beauty, the appreciation of beauty and the expression of beauty in all the things we do, see, say, hear and feel.


This is a short list in defining the duties of the four main archangels. Their duties are many.


It is in the arms of the angels, where we find nurturing, comfort, care and the love all of us infinitely seek. It is the angels that remind us of our own divinity and connection to God. It is in the whispers of the wind and its caresses upon the cheeks, the fragrant smell of a flower, the beauty of nature and the joy of laughter in which are just a few of the places, you will feel and know the angels. Angels are everywhere at all times and they delight in knowing and helping us. They will adore us forever.

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