Shelowann Dawson


Herbalist Medium


Unique Herbal Products Artisan


Shelowann is an herbalist medium and a teacher.  She is the director of the newly launched Peace Dove Herbalist Mediumship School based in Maryland.  Shelowann holds a Master's of Herbal Medicine from the Maryland University of Integrative Health, formerly known as Tai Sophia Institute. 


The foundation of Shelowann is Mother Father God, Spirit, Spirituality, Mother Earth and Mother Nature.  With their assistance, Shelowann offers a unique and less traveled spiritual arena of self-healing in working with people.  Her clairvoyance shines as she further works with her Spirit Guides, herbs, nature spirits, the angels, furry friends and other Light beings to help others. 


Shelowann earned two certificates in the living and raw foods lifestyle from the Ann Wigmore Institute of Puerto Rico and with Aris LaTham in Jamaica, who is one of the first pioneers of the lifestyle.  Her expert knowledge and utilization of detoxification and detox protocols over the past 16 years has been a huge part of her spiritual journey and healing. 

Shelowann has been in service to people in the traditional holistic field for over 13 years.  She is a human being having much of the same or similar life experiences others have had or will have, which allows her to have a deeper connection with them.   She sees the best in others, as we are all reflections of one another. 

Her exuberant and down to earth personality shines brightly in whatever capacity she is in with others.  Shelowann offers an abundance of knowledge and wisdom hailing from a different perspective on life and spirituality not typically encountered in today’s spiritual world.  As Shelowann makes every effort to live and embrace her own truths, she can be depended on to be forthright in her communications as she helps others embrace their truths. 

Her spiritual journey is of self-empowerment and in assisting others to embrace their innate power in being able to heal themselves in body, mind, spirit and environment in joy and freedom.  It is here, where the body, mind and spirit are addressed together, as one, where true, everlasting self-healing has the most power. 

Shelowann believes in the strength and in the power of the human spirit. 

Live Well, Live Light!


Team Spirit,


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